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Mindy Sue Bell

Past Life Clairvoyant Session


Image of Past Life Clairvoyant Session

This session will take place in person (if you are in Seattle you may come to my studio or we can meet at a cafe), via skype, facetime or phone.
This is a fully interactive experience and it can be helpful to take notes or record for reference.
We will begin with a brief meditation and then discuss any memories or ideas you already hold before we begin our work to uncover the past, present/parallel and future life challenges and strengths. I will channel and share the lifetimes I see. Sharing your own memories and asking questions during the reading is encouraged.
Where you are RIGHT NOW is the point of power. From your position in the present you may influence and rewrite your past and future. It is all happening right now and you are the guiding force on your journey.
Reading is a half hour long plus about 5-10 minutes consult before reading begins.